Anime name Atla
Debut Dragon Ball Z, "Terror on Arlia" (July 1989)
Appears in Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball manga
Race Arlian
Family Lemlia (wife)
Atla (Atura) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise. He makes his debut (and ultimately, his only appearance) in "Terror on Arlia", the 11th episode of Dragon Ball Z, which premiered on July 12, 1989.http://


Atla is one of several Arlians imprisoned by the cruel King Moai, when Vegeta and Nappa arrive on the planet Arlia, where they intend to practice their fighting skills before they reach Earth. Upon his imprisonment, Atla's wife, Lemlia, was claimed by Moai and crowned queen, however, Lemlia continues to resent the king for separating her from her lover. After Vegeta and Nappa launch their attack on Moai's civilization, which leaves the king and his guard in shambles, Atla is reunited with Lemlia. Their reunion is cut short however, when Vegeta and Nappa, now outside the orbit of the planet, send an energy wave into Arlia, resulting in its destruction. 3rd or 4th person to be killed by Vegeta in DBZ and 4th in the Same Episode Terror on Arlia

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