Anime name Bora
Manga name Bora
Debut Anime:"The Land of Korin" (April 1987)
Appears in
Race Human
Family Unnamed wife or daughter-in-law
Upa (son)Unnamed child or grandson
Bora is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise. He makes his debut in "The Notorious Mercenary", the 60th episode of the Dragon Ball anime, which premiered on April 22, 1987. He makes his first manga appearance in "Taopaipai the Assassin", the 85th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, issued on July 10, 1987.

Biography Edit

Bora is a Native American man who resides in a tipi at the base of Korin Tower with his son, Upa. He is tall and muscular, and a man of few words. Shortly after befriending Goku, he single-handedly fends off Captain Yellow's men, but is later speared to death by the merciless assassin General Tao. Goku avenges Bora by training under Korin and going on to defeat Tao himself. When Shenron is summoned once again by the Dragon Balls, Goku uses his wish to restore the life of Bora. In his next appearance, Bora assists Goku once more by throwing Yajirobe (with an injured Goku on his back) up Korin Tower.

Bora is later seen early in Dragon Ball Z, when the Z Fighters arrive at Kami's Lookout to train for the forthcoming battle against the Saiyans: Vegeta and Nappa. He later appears with his tribe in the Kid Buu Saga, when he, along with Upa and group, gives energy to Goku for his Super Spirit Bomb. There is also an implication that Bora has wed and had another child, as the woman by his side is holding an infant bearing a striking resemblance to Upa in his childhood. Bora also briefly appears in the Dragon Ball GT episode "Piccolo's Decision".

Bora also appears in Mystical Adventure, where he and Upa attempt to protect a Dragon Ball from Mercenary Tao. He later fights Tao during the World Tournament where he is flung into a spear held by a statue. He's later revived at the end of the film, much like he was in the anime.

It is interesting to note that Bora is one of the few characters to die whose death isn't only censored in the edited version of the episode where it occurs, but also in all subsequent edited episodes leading to his revival.


  • Bora is the first character in the entire series, and in movies, to be brought back to life with the Dragon Balls.
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