Bulma's Bad Day ("Buruma no Daishippai", lit. "Bulma's Big Mistake") is the 1st episode of the General Blue Saga in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on January 14, 1987.

Recap Edit

Goku and Bulma go off to find the Dragon Balls. They don't know that the Red Ribbon Army is there. Commander Red is still angry. Meanwhile at another generals Head Quarters, General Blue puts on his armband that says "blue," making sure he properly blue himself before starting his day's work. He receives a message which has a picture of Goku. He finds out that he beat both Colonel Silver and General White. But he isn't worried. Goku find out that the Dragon Ball is underwater. They land on an island and Bulma changes back to her regular height. Goku looks for the Dragon Ball under water and Bulma looks for places to shop on land. Goku can't hold his breath that long and goes up, looking for Bulma.

With Bulma, two Red Ribbon Army solders in planes try to shoot Bulma. Realizing it cannot be the boy in the picture (Goku), they stop. They want to kiss Bulma but she tricks them (they fall down a cliff). They go in the planes to catch her. Goku fins her and knocks them down. General Blue is amazed. Goku then decides to go toMaster Roshi's house for help. They go off.

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