Anime name Buyon
Manga name The Jiggler
Debut Manga: "The Horrible...Jiggler!"
Anime: "Horrifying Buyon" (November 1986)
Appears in
Race Unknown
Date of death 750 Age
Family General White (Owner)
Buyon (ブヨン; Viz "The Jiggler") is a giant pink monster that lives inside of Muscle Tower. He bears some resemblance to King Gurumes and Misokatsun.


Buyon is the hideous, blubbery tenant of Muscle Tower's
Buyon cracking
fifth floor, only accessible via a trapdoor on the sixth. Initially, Buyon appears to be a seemingly indestructible threat to Goku and Android 8, as every technique Goku uses against him, from a Kamehameha to the stomach or a kick to the face, is bounced back effortlessly by Buyon's lard. The monster can also cast electrical blasts from his antennae. Buyon apparently feeds on cattle supplied by his keepers, and even comes close to devouring Goku and Android 8 during the encounter.

Through a long and tiring process, Goku eventually realizes that Buyon is susceptible to the cold, and after Goku knocks a small hole into the wall, Buyon is frozen solid. With this, Goku strikes the clone with a hard enough punch to shatter him into pieces.

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