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He is from the South Quadrant of the Northern Galaxy. Caterpy is actually not very
strong and he tries to get Goku to give up by tickling him (to everyone's exasperation, Olibu even remarks "South Quadrant must be a very peaceful place"). After Goku hits him, he further displays his weakness by whining about it. Caterpy then attempts to go into his pupa state. As South Kai tells Goku and the crowd, Caterpy would morph into his ultimate form upon hatching. However, the cocoon would take 1,200 years to hatch, so Grand Kai declares Goku the winner by default.


  • Caterpy's name is similar to that of the Pokemon, Caterpie. However, the episode was originally aired a year before the Pokemon was invented, and Caterpy is an
Caterpy attack
*extremely minor character compared to the other characters in the anime, appearing in only one (filler) episode.
  • Caterpy is due to hatch in the year 1967 Age.
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