Dolltaki is at the service of the villain Dr. Myuu and controls the giant machine mutant Luud (Lord Lude). By using Luud, he transforms the same followers of his religious sect into many dolls to gather their energy
Dolltaki lookin
that Dr. Myuu needs to make Baby grows.He takes a fancy to Pan, she also transformed into a doll, but at the end he gets the same destiny and is transformed himself into a doll and absorbed by Luud. Inside of the giant MM (Machine Mutant) Luud, Dolltaki , forced by Pan, reveals its weak point, so the machine is destroyed and all the people, before absorbed, can now have back their bodies. Dolltaki runs away from Luud's planet but, as he arrives on Planet M2, he's eliminated by General Rilldo because of his failure.
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