Anime name -Dr. Flappe Alternate names -Dr. Frappe Debut -The Secret of Dr. Flappe Appears in - Dragon Ball Race -Human

Anime name Dr. Flappe
Alternate names Dr. Frappe
Debut The Secret of Dr. Flappe
Appears in
Race Human

Dr. Flappe is the creator ofAndroid 8who does research for the Red Ribbon Army but was blackmailed into working for them.

In the anime,Toei Animationadded this doctor into the story in order to showcase the mastermind behind Android 8's creation. Bearing in mind thatDr. Gerowas yet to be created as a character in theAndroids Sagaand be the chief scientist of the Red Ribbon Army and the one true person behind the creation of the Androids.Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7addresses this inconsistency by stating that Dr. Frappe and Dr. Gero might have been colleagues in charge of the Red Ribbon Army's Android Development Program.

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