Ebifurya was one of the three bio warriors that serve Dr. Wheelo and were created by Dr. Kochin. His name stems from "ebi," the Japanese word for prawn or shrimp, and it is worth noting he is the only one of the three bio-fighters with a speaking part.


A large, pink brute with red hair tied back in a ponytail, Ebifurya could freeze his victims in a huge ball of ice with one blast from his hand. He, Misokatsun and Kishime were unleashed to fight Master Roshi in an arena to test Roshi's strength, and easily beat him. Later, Ebifurya, along with Kishime, was faced by
Goku in the second level of Wheelo's fortress, where after Kishime stunned Goku, Ebifurya froze him solid.

Gohan and Krillin showed upon before he could finish Goku off however, and he froze them inside balls of ice. As he was gloating, he was shocked as Goku used a Kaio-Ken to free himself from the ice. He launched himself at the unprepared Ebifurya and punched him so hard he flew across the room and crashed through the wall, killing the cyborg instantly.

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