Erasa is one of the Orange Star High School students who are from the Satan city. Normally she´s a very talkative person and she spends a lot of time with Videl, her friend, along with Gohan and Sharpner.

Erasa is a blonde girl, with a lined green shirt and blue jeans. She is in Gohan's class at Orange Star High School It's she who asks Gohan to sit near her during class and to go back and study at his house. Also, she is very sweet and cheerful. Erasa becomes pretty good friends with both Videl and Gohan. She and Sharpner
were named after school supplies, with her named being derived from the word eraser.

She comes to the island with Sharpner to watch the Tournament and was very confident that Videl would win against Spopovich. However, after she was brutally defeated, Erasa was very horrified along with the rest of the crowd.

When Gohan's turn came, he accidentally let his Great Saiyaman disguise fell off in his fury of watching Videl's brutal defeat, and while Sharpner was surprised at this revelation, Erasa merely thought that Gohan was using the name because he was shy. Then she and the crowd shouted out cheering for him, despite thinking he doesn't know martial arts.

However, Erasa was speechless and surprised when she discovers that Gohan was the "Golden Fighter". She was killed along with the rest of the people of Earth when Super Buu uses his genocidal attack. She is later wished back with the Dragon Balls, but does not make an appearance in Dragon Ball GT.


Dbz erasa
She is voiced by Megumi Urawa in the original Japanese dub, Laura Bailey in the Funimation dub and by Circe Luna in the Latin American dub.
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