Escape from Pirate Cave ("Nigero ya Nigero!! Daidasshutsu", lit. "Run Away, Run Away!! The Great Escape") is the 9th episode of the General Blue Saga in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on March 11, 1987.

Recap Edit

Goku desperately tries to find his way out of the never-ending labyrinth. This underground pirate cave is just about ready to collapse! Leaving Goku, Krillin and Bulma decide not to get trapped underneath the ocean forever. As time goes on, Bulma starts to get impatient and is convinced Goku's dead. Krillin pleads that he knows Goku will show up any minute. Just as the cave gives out, Goku speeds out of the demolished maze and jumps into the pirate's sub for a quick escape! Goku has successfully retreived the Three-Star Dragon Ball and defeated General Blue; thanks to the help of a mouse! Unfortunately it's not his Grandpa Gohan's Four-Star ball. As the gang tries to make their drastic escape, Bulma has to dodge huge boulders that fall in her path until one finally seals up the exit! It looks like they've reached a dead end! But, Goku narrowly spots a second opening and they jet for freedom. The cave is really falling on them now and with their bad luck, the sub has run out of power! So Goku decides there's only one thing left for him to do. "Everybody take a deep breath!" Goku says and shoots a huge Kamehameha wave to propel the sub all the way out of the cave AND the ocean!

They get back to General Blue's military base on the island, where they are in search of food and some transportation. They enter the command post where a guard hides in between a rack and a shelf. Commander Red calls on the radio looking for some answers just to find Goku screaming back at a talking-box. He smashes the radio after it gets ancy with him and they leave. Goku calls for the Flying Nimbus and Bulma and Krillin ride in a Jet-copter to Master Roshi's island. In spite of a near death experience, Bulma managed to grab a diamond the size of a fist! Which she plans to offer as compensation for destroying Master Roshi's sub.

Meanwhile, General Blue surprisingly is alive, popping his head out of the water. He swims back to the base, yells at the guard for his incompetence and kills him, and takes off in a Jet-copter armed with nothing but a roll of rope. He speeds off after Goku in search of revenge and the Dragon Balls.

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