Froug is from the South Quadrant of the Other World. He was destined to lose to Maraikoh in the Other World Tournament, but not before putting up a good fight. Froug is capable of inflating himself, as is seen in his fight with Maraikoh. Maraikoh was able to
throw him into a meteor and out of the ring. Since he reached the quarter finals of the Other World Tournament one can assume that he is a good fighter, although he is completely outmatched by Maraikoh.

In the movie Fusion Reborn, Goku easily defeated him in the semifinals with one kick. Interestingly enough, the credits and the subtitles spell his name "Frogue". His name is a pun on Frog, which attributes his froglike appearance.http://


  • Japanese: Yasuhiko Kawatsu
  • Ocean Group: Toby Procter
  • FUNimation: Justin Cook
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