This article is about the episode. For the individual characters, see Goz and Mez.
This is the 13th episode of the Vegeta Saga in the uncut version Dragon Ball Z series.
The original Japanese title is "Te o Dasu na! Enma-sama no Himitsu no Kudamono". The episode first aired on July 26, 1989.


Still asleep on the cleaning truck, Goku

falls into the very heart of Hell, where he awakens on impact. He finds a well-tended tree growing there (not to mention the Hell Tourist
Board and Hell Park), and unaware that it is the exclusive property of King Yemma, tries to snack on its fruit. He is knocked out before he can touch any by Goz and Mez, two heavily-muscled guardian demons, and strikes a bargain with them: If he can outperform them at one game of their choice each, they'll put him back on the Snake Way. Goku manages to beat Goz at a sumo match, and defeats Mez in a game of tag that ranges all over Hell. Good to their word, they try to put him back on the Road using a seesaw, but Goku keeps smacking his head on the invisible one-way barrier between Heaven and Hell. Lacking any other way to keep their side of the deal, they show him the secret route back to Snake Way — but it lets out inside King Yemma's desk
drawer! Now Goku has to travel the entire length of Snake Way from the beginning again!
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