Kibito is the greatest ally of the Supreme Kai. Kibito has the power of healing, which helps the Z Fighters in many situations. He also knows Instantaneous Movement, a technique similar to Goku's Instant Transmission. He goes with Supreme Kai and enters the World Tournament with him. He is set to fight Gohan in the fourth match of the first round. He tells Gohan to turn Super
Saiyan, and when he does, Yamu and Spopovich steal Gohan's energy. Kibito heals Gohan and they leave with Supreme Kai and the others to follow Yamu and Spopovich.

Kibito is killed by Dabura, but brought back by using Dragon Balls. Eventually he accidentally and permanently fuses with the Supreme Kai to create Kibito Kai.

Kibito is also very tall, as Gohan is seen calling him big guy, and appears to be the tallest contestant at the World Martial Arts Tournament. He also knows Magic Materialism, and used it to create a uniform for Gohan that was similar to Goku's.

His name can be translated as "demon person".



  • Kibito is one of four known characters who have healing powers, the others being Dende, Majin Buu and Piccolo, though it is likely that Super Buu has this power as well but as he is evil there aren't many he would use the technique on. (Piccolo is shown to heal Trunks and Goten in an episode.)
  • Technically speaking, Kibito won the fight with Gohan in the tournament because in the episode "The Wizard's Curse", when the Z Fighters are following Yamu and Spopovich and land next to Babidi's ship, Gohan touches down on the ground before Kibito does, well outside of the ring. However, this doesn't matter, as everyone who took off (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, Supreme Kai, Kibito, Yamu, and Spopovich) were eventually disqualified when the Battle Royal between Hercule, Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten), Android 18, Killa, and Jewel was held in "Battle Supreme".
  • Kibito Kai seems to be more Supreme Kai than Kibito, as he talks about his experiences with Buu as if he were Supreme Kai.
  • In the episode Who Will Fight Who?, Kibito does a little glass eye trick after grabbing his numbered ball from the draw box. This seems like an animation goof more than an intentional thing though.
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