The Meteor Smash is a rush attack used by Goku in his Super Saiyan form. First, Goku gets into a fighting stance and charges at the opponent with a punch to their face, knocking them away. Then, he knees the opponent in the face, punches them in the stomach, spin elbows them in the face and kicks them upward before knocking them away in the air with a punch. Next, he jumps in the air and flies at the opponent with a right hook kick to their face with another kick to their side. Finally, Goku appears above his opponent and flies down to knock the opponent into the ground with an elbow strike to their face, inflicting a great deal of damage.

Goku used this attack during his battle against Frieza in his 100% Power form. Relieved that Gohan, Bulma, and the others were teleported to Earth via Namekian Dragon Balls, Goku requested a hand-to-hand battle, to which Frieza reluctantly agreed. Goku used the attacks in the Meteor Smash against Frieza, but the attacks were scrambled up, unlike the initial rush attack.

This attack was named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, and is one of Goku's Blast 2 attacks in his Super Saiyan form. In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, the move was changed into a close range attack. This attack is a part of the Meteor attacks.

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