Anime name Mrs. Brief
Debut Manga: "Bulma and Goku"
Anime: "Master Thief, Haski"
Appears in
Race Human
Mrs. Brief is Bulma's mother and the wife of Dr. Brief. Her first name is unknown, but in an interview with Toriyama, he said that if he was to give her a first name, he would choose the name "Pansy".

Biography Edit

Mrs. Brief's primary role
in the series is to take on a housewife-esque role at Capsule Corporation, not working and simply being the wife of a rich scientist. Mrs. Briefs detailed roles are primarily filler, as her role is put into detail in the anime as being somewhat caring towards Vegeta after he's sent to Earth with everyone else who'd been revived with the Namekian Dragon Balls. Her caring role continues through the period of Vegeta training to become a Super Saiyan and fight the androids, in which she comments on him being a husband-worthy man for Bulma because he is seen to be hard-working.

Mrs. Brief is seen to have a thin frame and has blonde hair. Her eyes are almost always closed. Mrs Brief also is seen to wear upscale clothing and jewlery.

She is voiced by Cynthia Cranz in the Funimation English dub.

Video Games Edit

In the Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II games you can get cookies from her for free, which restore your health in the game. In Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, she will clean dirty
clothing to increase the stat bonus given by the equipment.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version of the show she is apparently unaware of Chi-Chis name, simply refering her as "Goku's wife" and "Missus"
  • In the Spanish version, when she first appears, she is refered to as Bulma's sister, probably because Bulma is shown yelling at her a lot, which could be taken as a bad example for kids.
  • During the entire Dragonball franchise, she doesn't seem to grow older.

Family tree Edit

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