Neiz a member of Cooler's Armored Squadron and a brown humanoid turtle-like alien, can hide his head in his shoulders in order to dodge blasts. He fights alongside Doore and Salza, pulling off
poses similar to that of the Ginyu Force.

Biography Edit

Neiz arrives on Earth with Cooler and his comrades Salza and Doore. After he battles against Goku, he eventually fights Piccolo with the others. After Doore's death, Neiz attempts to neutralize Piccolo by using one of his special shock techniques. This only results in a smirk from the Namek as he grabs Neiz when he comes in to gloat and reflects the attack back at him, thus killing Neiz instantly by frying him.



  • Ki Blast
  • Flight
  • Super Energy Wave Volley
  • Electric Shock - A pink electricity attack that seems to shock the victim with high amounts of voltage
  • Neiz can pull his head into/and out of his body (similar to a turtle in it's shell)


  • Japanese Dub: Masato Hirano
  • FUNimation Dub: Bill Townsley
  • French Dub: Philippe Ariotti
  • Spanish Dub: Ricardo Mendoza
  • German Dub: Joachim Kaps


  • His name comes from a pun on the condiment mayonnaise.
  • Out of all The Ginyu Force members, Neiz seems to be modeled after Burter in terms of
Neiz smiling
*appearance and personality. Also, he seems to be slightly similar to Guldo.
  • According to Shonen Jump, he prides himself on his speed (Similar to Burter) and can create an electric charge from his body (Similar to Kishime).
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors 2, Cooler can summon Neiz to attack his opponent with electricity.
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