The Pirate Treasure ("Yatta! Otakara Hakken", lit. "Alright! The Treasure is Discovered") is the 7th episode of the General Blue Saga in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on February 25, 1987.

Recap Edit

Bulma and Krillin continue swimming. General Blue follows them. Goku continues running in the wrong direction. The cave was closing in on Goku but he kept going. He found a trapdoor and fell through it. He fell on a bouncy thing which was an octopus!

Meanwhile, General Blue, Bulma, and Krillin make it to the surface (General Blue stayed in the water so he won't be seen). There were three treasure chests. But when they got there, the statue was turned on by itself!

The octopus tried to hit Goku with his tentacles but none hit him. The octopus grabbed him and said he was going to eat him.

The statue threw swords everywhere. Bulma hid. Krillin got one out of the ground and hit the other swords with it. One came out of its face and headed for Krillin! The octopus tenderized Goku. Goku got a large rock and threw it at his snout thinking it was his mouth. he destroyed it. The octopus showed Goku his mouth. He was ready to eat.

Krillin knocked the sword away. The statue was out of swords. Krillin checked the middle chest. A pirate dummy came out and shot bullets.

Goku managed to do one more attack: the Kamehameha wave. It killed the octopus and it was roasted. Goku was starving and decided to eat it.

The dummy ran out of bullets. Bulma headed for another chest. It had a key in it. They saw a key hole in the statue. They put it in and gold came out. General Blue then comes out of the water to get the gold (he was scared of Bulma). Krillin decided to fight him.

While Goku was eating, he heard noises of Krillin getting hurt. He went in the water to get to him. General Blue pounded Krillin and banged him into walls. Krillin managed to throw one kick in the face. General Blue was crying since it hurt his "beautiful" face. He was so angry, he did a glare so Krillin won't be able to move. General Blue banged him into walls. General Blue got a rock to kill Krillin! After a few interruptions, Goku came. As the fight was about to begin, the room was shaking.

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