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Yamu is paired up with Spopovich and sent to the World Tournament to gather energy for Babidi, the evil wizard. The energy they are sent to gather is needed to awaken Majin Buu. When Yamu and Spopovich complete their task, Babidi kills Spopovich and when Yamu sees this he tries to escape but is killed by Pui Pui, one of Babidi's head cronies. He later escapes from Hell in the Super 17 Saga.

Yamu's importance as a plot device is shown twice, the first time being when he stops Spopovich from murdering Videl, indicating that Bibidi and Babidi's Soul-Enslaving curse does not destroy the humanity of its victims, hence foregrounding and validating Vegeta's eventual
redemption beyond Saiyan pride. The second time is when Vegeta willingly leads and lets Babidi turn him Majin, becoming ruthless and more powerful, generally untied to his human emotion, in order to fight Goku. Vegeta had seen the power and cold callousness that resulted from the transformation of Yamu and Spopovich and, in all his one-track-mindedness about fighting Goku, wanted it for himself.


  • Both Spopovich and Yamu have some similarities with Nappa and Vegeta. First of all, Nappa and Spopovich have similar looks; they are both bald, big, and muscular fighters. Also, both fighters enjoy making their victims suffer (Spopovich toys with Videl at the Tournament in a way similar to how Nappa toys with the Z-fighters). Similar to Vegeta, Yamu tries to calm his partner down during this fight. For example, Vegeta gave the Z-fighters some time to wait for Goku and Yamu stopped Spopovich from killing Videl at the Tournament. Interestingly, in the Ocean dub, Yamu and Spopovich are voiced by Brian Drummond and Michael Dobson, the voice actors of Vegeta and Nappa.
  • In the anime, Babidi has Yamu destroyed by ordering Pui Pui to fire a blast at him while he tries desperately to escape. However, in "Dragonball Z: Buu's Fury", he and Spopovich are destroyed by Babidi expanding their inner energies, and in the game, they never really made a great attempt to escape. Yamu never suffered the same fate as Spopovich. This could be due to the animation limitation for the Game Boy Advance games.
  • Though he has yet to appear as a playable character in a video game, Yamu makes a cameo appearance during Spopovich's super finishing move in Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where Spopovich kicks an opponent into the air and he and Yamu then proceed to drain the opponent's energy.
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