Yetti is a gigantic, silent and cannibalistic Arlian who resides in the bottom of the Pit in King Moai's palace. The exact reasons for his size and cannibalism are never explained. Possibly, he is the Arlian equivalent of Earth's mythical giant humans and was born mute and taught to feed on other Arlians by Moai.
He is often used as execution by Moai, such as when a fighter loses a duel in the arena. Greger, an Arlian warrior, was eaten by Yetti after losing a duel to Lesoy. When Vegeta and Nappa arrived on Arlia and killed all Moai's guards, he sent Yetti after them. Yetti fired eye lasers and caused massive damage to Moai's throneroom but he was easily killed by Nappa. Nappa pulled Yetti's finger off and destroyed him with an energy blast.

Yetti's name is derived from the word "Yeti," which is another word for Abominable Snowman. He is referred to as "Yenni" in the closed captioning of the Ocean Group Dub's VHS tape featuring the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • He is also similar to the Rancor in the Star Wars films: Both are creatures residing in the bottom of a pit who eat people as execution from an evil villain.
  • He also bears a bit of resemblance to Hirudegarn (transformed).
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